Working from home….and helping the creative juices to flow

I enjoyed reading Dr Mark Porter’s ‘my prescription for better living in 2010‘ in The Times yesterday.

Twelve sensible tips to work towards a positive and motivated year.

I particularly liked the first tip ‘change your routine’. As Dr Porter points out, ‘it’s good to add variety’ into our lives, and, working solo from home, I’m always looking for ways to keep the ‘creative writing’ juices flowing.

So this year I’ve decided to make more of ‘lunch time’, making an effort to stop work for a good chunk of time, cook something healthy, listen to the radio, and probably replace ‘heavy dinner’ with ‘healthy lunch’. I’m hoping that it will then free up evening time to continue to work ‘creatively’ or take up a new ‘creative’ activity. Some of Dr Porter’s suggestions sound very appealing!

Anyway, that’s the plan….

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We can’t combat #ClimateChange without #trees: #TheTimeIsNow

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