Working freelance and remembering that there IS a world out there

Working freelance from home can be a solitary experience.  One of the things that’s helped me is plugging in to Nic Askew‘s wonderfully thought-provoking short film series.

Short 5-10 minute films that explore the incredible depth of human nature.  They put everything into perspective in terms of connecting with the world and not getting bogged down with the trivialities of life.

Nic used to produce them as the Monday 9am Short Film Series.  So I signed up to his ‘alerts’ and they’d be waiting for me when I switched my computer on at the beginning of the week – a great way to start the week and a reminder that it’s not just me and my computer in the world.

I really like this film.

@politicalhackuk Jaw dropping seems to be the new norm; we simply have to #StopBrexit

These people are beyond reason; this whole shambles was built on a wafer thin margin and a bunch of now discredited promises. 3 yrs on The People need to be given a meaningful choice now the facts are clearer.

Three years ago today the UK voted to leave the EU. I spent most of the day crying. Three years on we are still in as it has proven far more complex and damaging than even remainers like me thought. We now need to move on. Only a #PeoplesVote can do that.

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