Word of the week: snow


I know it’s an obvious choice of word this week, but the creativity that snow generates is amazing.  Instead of snowy ‘by the sea’ scenes (in Brighton) last year, I’m now surrounded by snowy ‘country’ scenes….and this was one of my favourite local scenes this week.

It may not look very creative to you, but….can you spot the reindeers.  And, what are they doing in front of a Nestle factory?  I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a chocolate factory on my doorstep – it would be fascinating to see inside.  Mmmm……I wonder if they do tours?

What does snow mean to me?

  • working freelance at home and being able to avoid the disruption
  • chilblains
  • sledging and ice-skating
  • at last finding some boots (my motorbiking boots) that keep my feet warm in the snow

What does snow mean to you?

1.5 million hectares of new #woodland needs to be planted across the UK if we are to reduce #emissions and become more resilient to the challenges of a rapidly warming world.

We can’t combat #ClimateChange without #trees: https://t.co/jykKSc2zRe #TheTimeIsNow

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