Word of the week – Sausage

This week’s word just has to be Sausage.

Not only is it Bonfire Night tonight but it’s also British Sausage Week (1 – 7 November).

There are some amazing facts about sausages.  Apparently, enough sausages were eaten in the UK last year to wrap around the London Eye 129 thousand times (not sure who worked this one out…).

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like sausages.  And, maybe like me, your spirits are always lifted when you get to the sausages at the supermarket – just by looking at them you know instantly that there’s one easy and delicious dinner ticked off for the week.

They can be entertaining too – Episode 1 of the latest Apprentice series had me in stitches.

What do sausages mean to me?

  • quick and easy
  • my mum’s ‘toad in the hole’ dish
  • there’s always a new flavour or variety to try

What do they mean to you?

1.5 million hectares of new #woodland needs to be planted across the UK if we are to reduce #emissions and become more resilient to the challenges of a rapidly warming world.

We can’t combat #ClimateChange without #trees: https://t.co/jykKSc2zRe #TheTimeIsNow

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