Word of the week: Panettone

My job is all about ‘words’ and making ‘words’ work in the copywriting and web content writing world.

So I thought I’d create a ‘word of the week’ blog spot focusing on ‘words ’that we just don’t seem to use much in our everyday language.

And then I’m going to try and use these ‘words’ as much as I can so they become part of my life.


Word of the week – PANETTONE

I know this isn’t an English word but, with it being nearly Christmas and with lots of ‘panettones’ around, I hope I’ll be forgiven for choosing an Italian word.

I had a creative ‘panettone’ experience last week while shopping at Selfridges (Birmingham).  I was drawn to a display of wonderful bright yellow, what looked like, round hat boxes.  But then I was in the food-hall so probably not hats.

And guess what was inside……panettones!  I was bowled over by such clever and creative packaging. Beautiful boxes containing beautiful Italian cakes – creativity at its best.

What does panettone mean to me?

  • Christmas breakfast
  • Delicious and ‘different’ fruitcake
  • Why don’t I buy them more often?

What does panettone mean to you?

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We can’t combat #ClimateChange without #trees: https://t.co/jykKSc2zRe #TheTimeIsNow

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