Word of the week: No!

This word made me smile last weekend.

A friend from Brighton came to visit and I tested her out on a NIA routine I have been learning – Sanjana.

She really enjoyed it, however she confessed that one song – Am I the One? – and the martial arts moves associated with it, felt a little alien. I explained that NIA helps the body to balance the different energies within ourselves and that the more masculine martial arts moves encourage strength and confidence in our bodies and minds and help to balance with our lighter and feminine selves.

Next day she rang me from work. ย She had remembered me saying ‘no!’ as we did our blocks and punches and it had encouraged her and given her the confidence to tackle something at work that had been niggling her for ages.

Wow!……. the joy of NIA ๐Ÿ™‚

@politicalhackuk Jaw dropping seems to be the new norm; we simply have to #StopBrexit

These people are beyond reason; this whole shambles was built on a wafer thin margin and a bunch of now discredited promises. 3 yrs on The People need to be given a meaningful choice now the facts are clearer.

In the past year Iโ€™ve traveled to 16 states, and counting ๐ŸŒผ Iโ€™m doing what people told me I never could โœ”๏ธ#vanlife

Three years ago today the UK voted to leave the EU. I spent most of the day crying. Three years on we are still in as it has proven far more complex and damaging than even remainers like me thought. We now need to move on. Only a #PeoplesVote can do that.

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