Word of the week – hotchpotch

My job is all about ‘words’ and making ‘words’ work in the copywriting and web content writing world.

So I thought I’d create a ‘word of the week’ blog spot focusing on ‘words ’that we just don’t seem to use much in our everyday language.

And then I’m going to try and use these ‘words’ as much as I can so they become part of my life.


This week’s word – HOTCHPOTCH

This word must seem very strange to people who are learning English.

And yet, for English speakers, its meaning is immediately obvious.  Why?  You just have to say it and it makes you feel slightly ‘odd’ – and so we have its meaning:

an odd mix, all sorts, a job lot, a mishmash (another good word!), a jumble

What does it mean to me?

  • a fun word
  • means what it says
  • reminds me of playing ‘hopscotch’

What does it mean to you?

So this is not scientific at all. But in a couple of hours there have been more than 2000 replies and overwhelmingly they say @RoryStewartUK won the #C4Debate https://t.co/BBXQeKSp5w

What a cosy night in Dolly the Caddy Camper @bridgevilla campsite on the riverside @wallingford...friendly visitors and glorious riverside trees 🌲 🦆#treehugging #trees #vanlife #campervan #vwcamper


.@RoryStewartUK again absolutely kills the others by actually sounding as though he is fallible. Whether it is sincere or a performance it is working. @sajidjavid also sounds human by talking about getting things wrong as a dad #c4debate

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