Word of the week: Groovy

My job is all about ‘words’ and making ‘words’ work in the copywriting and web content writing world.

So I thought I’d create a ‘word of the week’ blog spot focusing on ‘words ’that we just don’t seem to use much in our everyday language.

And then I’m going to try and use these ‘words’ as much as I can so they become part of my life.
Word of the Week: GROOVY

According to The Times last weekend the word ‘groovy’ is making a come back, along with the ‘crazy’ colours and ‘funky’ fashions of the ’70s.

I grew up with this word as a teenager and am still very fond of it.

According to wikipedia it originated in the jazz culture of the 1920s as it referred to the groove of a piece of music. It became really popular during the ‘hippie’ 1960s and ‘funky’ 1970s and yet  had largely vanished from everyday use by 1980′ (I wonder why…..).

I feel it’s one of those words that you either love or hate (and makes you smile or squirm).  For me it’s a great ‘feel good’ word.

So….I’m making a conscious effort to give up the word ‘brilliant’ for lent and will use ‘groovy’ instead.

What does groovy mean to me?

  • It’s a groovy kind of love sung by Phil Collins
  • A ‘different’ way of complimenting someone on something
  • A word my father definitely didn’t use

What does groovy mean to you?

Brexit is Dead

I will re-post this daily, & as Arron Banks says, "public opinion is like concrete, once it sets you can't shift it".

Please feel free to share the same message & see how much concrete we can produce :).

#RejectBrexit #StopBrexit #BrexitisDead

Brexit means less sovereignty.

▪️A weak pound will allow foreign investors to pick off UK assets.

▪️WTO tariffs will make UK exports uncompetitive.

▪️Foreign corporations able to sue the UK Government.

▪️UK passport will have less power due to diminished freedom of movement.

Everyone needs constantly reminding that after 9 years of a Tory Government:

Child poverty + 50%
Food-bank use + 1,000%
Homelessness + 170%
NHS waiting list + 70%
Police numbers - 20%
Crime + 30%
Local gov funding - 50%
Public sector pay - 15%

Never forget how cruel they are.

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