Word of the Week: EFFICACIOUS

Efficacious – what does it mean?

Today I’m resurrecting my regular ‘Word of the Week’ posting.  Not sure why it’s taken me so long to do this, my last Word of the Week was on 20 August 2015.  Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been efficacious enough?

I like this word, I had to remind myself of it’s meaning – capable of having the desired effect or result – and, thankfully, it’s a positive word with a positive meaning.  I think I must be hard-wired to bringing my brain back to positivity as much as I can.  Negativity doesn’t tend to help  and, being a freelance web content writer, I need a positive mind-set that keeps me going whether writing work is flowing in or not.

efficacious word cloud

Back to my word of the week.  Similar words: effectual, effective, active, capable, competent, energetic, influential, operative, powerful, potent, strong, successful, useful, virtuous. 

Do I like this word?

Yes, most definitely. It’s the kind of word that can replace a more popular word with the same meaning so easily.  How about.. I am feeling particularly efficacious (energetic), or, let’s get efficacious (active), or, have you been efficacious (influential) today?

I like the sound of the word too. The first part of the word has an anticipation to it, as if it’s going to erupt into something amazing.  And then the second part, the ‘cacious’, quietens things down a bit.  Also, it has a delightful and delicious ring to it when used in conversation and can cause the recipient of the word to smile.

How can I use this word more?

1.Dolly my Caddy Camper has been efficacious in giving me bucket loads of opportunities for travel, adventure, freedom, and fun.

2.During the past 7 months I was efficacious in putting all my focus and energy on sorting and clearing the contents of my parents’ family home.

3.I am being efficacious in targeting my web content writing work more towards travel, campervan travel,  on the road adventure, and anything travel/adventure related.  Check out some of my writing projects that have been efficaciously completed.


Wishing you a particularly efficacious week.