Word of the week – chillax

My job is all about ‘words’ and making ‘words’ work in the copywriting and web content writing world.

So I thought I’d create a ‘word of the week’ blog spot focusing on ‘words ’that we just don’t seem to use much in our everyday language.

And then I’m going to try and use these ‘words’ as much as I can so they become part of my life.


This week’s word – CHILLAX

What does it mean?

v.t. a 20th century word meaning calm down and relax

This word has recently been approved for the 2010 edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English.

What does it mean to me?

  • a completely new word for me
  • another good way of saying ‘chill-out’
  • sounds like it could be the name of a laxative

What does it mean to you?

1.5 million hectares of new #woodland needs to be planted across the UK if we are to reduce #emissions and become more resilient to the challenges of a rapidly warming world.

We can’t combat #ClimateChange without #trees: https://t.co/jykKSc2zRe #TheTimeIsNow

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