Writing For Websites

A website is our most versatile marketing tool. It’s current, adaptable, interactive, and can be read by an infinite number of visitors. This is why the words used on a site are crucial to its success – you have a few seconds to capture a user’s interest and millions of other sites to compete with.

Web content writing is all about selecting the right words and arranging them effectively within the site’s navigation and design. It’s all about giving the customer their first experience of your products and services, keeping them active, engaged, and interested enough to find out more and to take action.

Sarah has written web content for all kinds of industries including tourism businesses, arts organisations, hotels, travel providers, and commercial companies, as well as writing engaging copy for social media and editing for SEO.

From 2019, I am specialising in writing for tourism and travel, and for campervan travel related businesses.

Examples of my Writing For Websites


The blog sounds fantastic! Dan Horsley | Davanco Leisure
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New web content and ongoing blog writing for Davanco Leisure, a young and vibrant campervan hire company based in Derbyshire.


Sarah has written some really great web copy and blog writing copy for camperconnect.com that has actually resulted in much better rankings on Google. She has been so helpful and writes such clear and engaging content that we have no need to look elsewhere for content writing services. We will continue to use Sarah's services in the future and can't recommend her highly enough. James Curran | Camperconnect.com
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James Curran needed web content and blog content for Camperconnect.com.  A campervan hire company based in Devon, my content includes itineraries, campervan hire articles, and travel related content. 


Sarah is available, hard-working, and responsive. She understands content and destinations. Above all, she has great attitude. I have no hesitation to recommend Sarah and, from my experience would say 'you won't be disappointed'. Govind Shankhar | Freedom Holidays
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Another project for Freedom Holidays. Govind Shankhar MD of Freedom Holidays, contracted me to write a further 40 online itineraries for the Far East – India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore & Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


We had the opportunity to work with Sarah on a pretty expansive project on customised travel to Europe. She had to develop loads of original content across about 30 odd countries. Sarah understands content & destinations, she is quick to intuitively grasp the requirements, do the necessary research and get back within generally committed timelines. She is available, responsive and hard working and above all has great attitude which, to me, is the the winning combination. I have no hesitation to recommend Sarah and, from my experience, would say, "you won't be disappointed". Govind Shankar | Freedom Holidays

Freedom Travel India contracted me to research and write 145 travel itineraries for Europe (including Russia & Siberia), as well as front-facing web content for their new website.


The government are spending over £2 billion on emergency funding for a no-deal Brexit. For that sum of money, every single nurse in the UK could get a 10% pay rise.

Put that on a bus.

To those downplaying the Boris hospital incident. My girlfriend is an NHS midwife

She comes home traumatised by the chaos she encounters

- lack of equipment/staff
- newly qualified staff unsupervised

“I’m scared people will die”

That’s on you @BorisJohnson and @Conservatives

My Dad, regular man from Bolton, in 18 years of living at home never once mentioned the EU, not once ever, but now we cant even have a conversation with out him being absolutely and utterly convinced they are to blame for his difficult life. The success of the con is incredible.

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