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Is your website in need of tender loving content care to help it reach the top of Google’s natural search engine rankings?

I write content for the web using a clear, concise, informal and persuasive tone. I use words and phrases that help readers scan quickly, that keep them interested, and that encourage them to engage with your website and your products/services. From your brief, I provide web content writing from scratch, or as an edit/rewrite.

My web content incorporates the key words and search phrases that customers tap in when searching in Google for a company such as yours. And, working with web developers and SEO experts, Sarah’s clear, concise and persuasive web content or editing for SEO will help your website reach the top of Google’s natural search engine rankings.

I have worked extensively within the tourism industry and within the arts, as well as with commercial companies including B2B, new media and industrial service providers.

From 2019, I am focusing my web content writing on travel and tourism, and campervan travel related businesses, and blog writing for travel and tourism.

Examples of my Writing For SEO


Many thanks for all your help and support. Kveta Snirchova | J P Blocks Ltd
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Writing SEO web content for JP Blocks based in Rwanda.  An innovative project set up by entrepreneur Kveta Snirchova for production and manufacture of low-cost environmentally-friendly building blocks for housing in Africa.


The blog sounds fantastic! Dan Horsley | Davanco Leisure
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New web content and ongoing blog writing for Davanco Leisure, a young and vibrant campervan hire company based in Derbyshire.


Sarah has written some really great web copy and blog writing copy for camperconnect.com that has actually resulted in much better rankings on Google. She has been so helpful and writes such clear and engaging content that we have no need to look elsewhere for content writing services. We will continue to use Sarah's services in the future and can't recommend her highly enough. James Curran | Camperconnect.com
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James Curran needed web content and blog content for Camperconnect.com.  A campervan hire company based in Devon, my content includes itineraries, campervan hire articles, and travel related content. 


Sarah has completely transformed our website and the personality of our small business. Thanks to Sarah, the written content is now exciting and engaging to visitors, as well as unique and personal to us and our business. We finally have a website and business to be proud of. (May 2017) Claire Wibberley | Beckenham Driving School
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Claire Wibberley at Beckenham Driving School needed a content refresh for their website.   The website was working well for key search terms and Claire needed help honing web content for the Home, About Us, and Automatic Driving pages.  I listened carefully to Claire’s web content requirements, assessed the company’s profile, philosophy and unique selling points, and wrote succinct, user-friendly, and optimised content.


Sarah has helped us with our website content and SEO suggestions. We were very pleased with the work she has done. She has also answered our email queries promptly. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs help with writing website content (January 2017). Kveta Snirchova | Keep Books Tidy Ltd
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English is not Kveta Snirchova’s first language.  She needed help with a web content re-write for her newlook Keep Books Tidy website.  Kveta offers bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses. She can offer her services worldwide as she does all bookkeeping online using specialised cloud software.  In essence, her business is ‘Bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses, the easy way’.

I offered a day’s work and edited the current web content using word press software that focused on the main keyword of bookkeeping.  I also suggested meta descriptions and suggestions for main headings.

I edited the web content using best practice techniques including:

  • using an active voice
  • ensuring accuracy
  • focusing on main USPs
  • checking spelling and grammar
  • using bullets
  • keeping content easy to read, focused and user-friendly



Your articles are amazing!! I'm so happy with them. Thank you so much for your amazing work. (Maria Amo, August 2016) Maria Amo | Whisper of the Pipit
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Doll maker extraordinaire, Maria Amo, asked me to write SEO web content for an initial 8 blogs for her online shop Whisper of the Pipit.  Maria is an artist, a collector, a designer and maker, and a photographer and needed help with added web content for her website for to keep her blog alive and updated and to ensure that her current and new customers are kept up-to-date on her news and doll collections.  I completed the initial 8 blog writing posts within a month from starting.


We are very impressed with Sarah's web content copywriting service. Not only did she re-write our web content, she also gave us new ideas and suggestions . Her approach is very friendly and professional. She is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her copywriting services to anyone who needs a perfect job." Ugur Beceren Ugur Beceren | Alya Packaging
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Ugur Beceren, Export Manager at Alya Packaging based in Turkey, needed his web content to be re-written in English and to be creative, optimised for SEO and marketing friendly. The turn-around was quick and I completed the re-write in two days. The website went live within a week.


Thank you for writing the web content for CabMyRide. It was a great success with everyone! Arjan Sahota (March 2014) | Cab My Ride
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CabMyRide is a brand-new taxi company operating in Southampton. They needed optimised web content that would reflect their exciting new ‘two-taps’ book-a-cab technology.

Owner, Harjit Sahota, contacted me and explained that they had been working with Southampton University’s computer science department to design and develop an innovative new taxi booking application that would make booking a taxi quick, easy and stress-free.

As they knew nothing about ‘writing for the web’ they asked me to provide SEO copywriting for their new 8-page website that incorporated relevant key words and phrases for SEO and that would help the site climb Google’s natural search engine rankings.


Thank you so much for the excellent copy for my site. It says precisely what I had in mind and just what my potential customers are looking for. The response I've received is perfect. You are a 'word wizard'. Stuart Newport | SNC Cars
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Stuart Newport, owner of SNC Cars, needed brand-new sales-driven web content for his website, that would also help his site climb Google’s natural search engine rankings.

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