Using creativity to meet the needs of real people

I came across this interesting post last week entitled ‘What’s the point of creativity?

It talks about creativity in business, and how many businesses do in fact use creativity ‘out of a desire to improve people’s lives and transform their sense of what possibilities life itself has to offer’.

And then I thought about Nia.  And how spot on teaching Nia is in terms of offering a creative form of movement that ‘increases joy’ and ‘stirs peoples’ enthusiasm’ (two phrases taken from the blog).

Finding this blog has made my week.  And I’m going to use these two creative ‘pearls of wisdom’ – ‘increasing joy’ and ‘stirring enthusiasm’ in my Nia class this Tuesday.

Roll on Tuesday ……

@politicalhackuk Jaw dropping seems to be the new norm; we simply have to #StopBrexit

These people are beyond reason; this whole shambles was built on a wafer thin margin and a bunch of now discredited promises. 3 yrs on The People need to be given a meaningful choice now the facts are clearer.

Three years ago today the UK voted to leave the EU. I spent most of the day crying. Three years on we are still in as it has proven far more complex and damaging than even remainers like me thought. We now need to move on. Only a #PeoplesVote can do that.

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