The joy of the English Language (and using it in copy)

Gloriously Goaty game for any gregarious gallivant‘.  I spent a day in London last weekend helping a friend to celebrate her birthday and came across this wonderful example of alliteration.  With these delightful words next to clever imagery and on colourful packaging I was easily persuaded to buy the product behind the words (which was, in fact, a small packet of Goat’s Cheese Biscuits).

We had spent a relaxing couple of hours wandering around Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly (definitely a ‘treat’ shop) gazing at, picking up, touching and feeling the incredible range of ‘treat’ foods that included chocolates, biscuits, cakes, Easter Eggs, tins of tea, preserves, cheese, and condiments, and lots more.

We probably wouldn’t have enjoyed ourselves nearly as much had Fortnum & Mason not surpassed themselves with their superb product marketing that presented the products in such a colourful, creative and enticing way and drew us in to find out more and read such delightful snippets of copy.

And it reminded me of the joy of the English Language and the amazing array of words that we’ve got to choose from, and how powerful they are when cleverly put together.

Brexit is Dead

I will re-post this daily, & as Arron Banks says, "public opinion is like concrete, once it sets you can't shift it".

Please feel free to share the same message & see how much concrete we can produce :).

#RejectBrexit #StopBrexit #BrexitisDead

Brexit means less sovereignty.

▪️A weak pound will allow foreign investors to pick off UK assets.

▪️WTO tariffs will make UK exports uncompetitive.

▪️Foreign corporations able to sue the UK Government.

▪️UK passport will have less power due to diminished freedom of movement.

Everyone needs constantly reminding that after 9 years of a Tory Government:

Child poverty + 50%
Food-bank use + 1,000%
Homelessness + 170%
NHS waiting list + 70%
Police numbers - 20%
Crime + 30%
Local gov funding - 50%
Public sector pay - 15%

Never forget how cruel they are.

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