North Yorkshire coast campervan tour

North Yorkshire coast campervan tour

Take a North Yorkshire coastal campervan tour and you’ll be in campervan heaven. Why?  Well, North Yorkshire lays claim to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. What’s more, this dramatic coastline is raw, breathtaking, and utterly captivating.

You’ll be driving past pretty picturesque villages that cling precariously to the shoreline.  And alongside brooding cliffs where villages spill right down to the edge of the sea.

The North Yorkshire Moors sprawl with heather moorland, pine forests, and rolling hills.  And the North Yorkshire craggy coastlines are wild and elemental.

Other gems include historic York, Harrogate spa town, and stunning Scarborough.

Are you ready for this coastal campervan tour?

Head up to the North Yorkshire coast and enjoy the journey

From the M1 and Leeds, York is a short hop-away. Explore the city’s old cobbled streets, Gothic cathedral, famous railway museum, and vibrant city centre.

Then head into the dense green forests of the North York Moors National Park.  A land of purple moorlands, frothy white rivers, and ancient woodlands.

If time is no object, base your campervan at one of the many North York Moors campsites and go exploring.  Visit the Hole of Horcum a huge natural amphitheatre, and be transported to Harry Potter land on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

See stunning waterfalls, walk through glorious green valleys, and stop for lunch at one of the smallest pubs in the land, The Birch Hall Inn.

Whitby – a great base for a North Yorkshire coast campervan tour

Arrive at the ancient port of Whitby and take in the view. Its picturesque townscape zig-zags down to the waterside through a maze of cottages with red roofs.  The ruined Abbey sits high on the east cliff, and the curved arms of the twin piers draw the gaze out to sea.  It’s magical.

The town’s car parks are bombarded in the summer months by visitors, motorhome and campervan lovers. So take time to consider where to park.  Better still, make a base at one of the many coastal campsites around the town, and walk.  Folly Gardens is within easy reach.

Climb the 199 steps up to the ancient Abbey and stand beneath its haunting whale bone arch.

Visit the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.  And take a Whitby Dracula Walking Trail that follows in the footsteps of Bram Stoker.  Goths descend on Whitby in April and October to continue this haunting legend.

Hungry?  Try Scarborough woof – local name for the Atlantic wolf-fish – at the Star Inn The Harbour. And kippers at Fortunes Kippers where they’ve been smoking them for over 140 years.

Robin Hood’s Bay – best explored on foot

There’s no car access down into the old village of Robin Hood’s Bay.  So camp close by and reach this ancient smuggling village along the wonderful Cleveland Way National Trail past towering cliffs and old alum pits.

Wind down through the town’s atmospheric alleys to the pretty harbour quayside, and admire the sweeping bay and soaring cliffs beyond.

Explore the trail of the ‘Baytown’ smugglers who took rum, silk and treasure through the village’s hideaway alleys and secret tunnels.  Trek to a real smuggler’s cave along the shore at Boggle Hole, but be sure to check the tide times first!

Finally, head back to your campervan and drive up to Falling Foss woods.  Park up, and walk a magical 2-mile circular trail  to the Falling Foss waterfall.  Enjoy tea and homemade cakes at the Falling Foss Tea Garden.

Beautiful North Yorkshire campsites

There are some exceptional camp sites in North Yorkshire.  Some boast incredible views of the craggy coastline, some offer cosy campervan hideaways, and some are located amongst glorious green rolling meadow spaces.

There are touring caravan sites close by to Whitby too.  And campsites in and around the North York Moors.  Many are located on idyllic rural sites, some are family-run Farm campsites, and there’s even one that is set in the grounds of an ancient Abbey.

We advise to plan ahead and book campsites well in advance of your North Yorkshire coast campervan tour.

Looking for more North Yorkshire campervan tour ideas?

Discover the village that fell into the sea at Runswick Bay.  Wander along the beaches and look for fossils.  Take the lovely coastal ‘Cinder Track’ walking trail along the disused Whitby to Scarborough Railway line past secluded coves and historic sites.

And stop a while at Scarborough.  Wander around it’s rugged castle ruins,  enjoy donkey rides along the beach, and sing ‘Are you going to Scarborough Fair?’  to yourself as you browse the traditional local market.

Before heading for home, drive through 21 miles of breathtaking Yorkshire countryside from Whitby to picturesque village Hutton le Hole where sheep wander happily through the tiny streets.




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