Happy Nia New Year!

Happy New Year to all my blog readers and Nia lovers!

Have just read an excellent blog article written by Tracey Fenner, a Nia Dance teacher based  in Hong Kong.

And the title? What is Nia?

Having just started to teach Nia myself, I find it challenging describing Nia in a few distinctive words.

Nia means many things to many people, and it’s not until someone experiences Nia for themselves that they can understand it’s wonderful soul stirring ways.

So, if you are new to Nia, click through to Tracey’s  What is Nia? article – beautifully written, short and succinct, and a great inspiration for Nia.

Find a Nia class near you!  And follow Nia UK on Facebook.

And if you live in Staffordshire, come dance Nia with me!!

Brexit is Dead

I will re-post this daily, & as Arron Banks says, "public opinion is like concrete, once it sets you can't shift it".

Please feel free to share the same message & see how much concrete we can produce :).

#RejectBrexit #StopBrexit #BrexitisDead

Brexit means less sovereignty.

▪️A weak pound will allow foreign investors to pick off UK assets.

▪️WTO tariffs will make UK exports uncompetitive.

▪️Foreign corporations able to sue the UK Government.

▪️UK passport will have less power due to diminished freedom of movement.

Everyone needs constantly reminding that after 9 years of a Tory Government:

Child poverty + 50%
Food-bank use + 1,000%
Homelessness + 170%
NHS waiting list + 70%
Police numbers - 20%
Crime + 30%
Local gov funding - 50%
Public sector pay - 15%

Never forget how cruel they are.

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