Glamping equals creative camping

I went glamping for the first time last weekend, and loved it. Truly, madly, deeply.  As I write this post, I’m asking myself, how can I tie-in this glamping experience in to my ‘All Things Creative’ articles?

Well, that’s not difficult.  Everything about my glamping experience exploded in creativity.

Camping podsFrom the sleekly curved luxury wooden glamping Pod that nestled under the shade of an arbor of oak trees.  To the  creative and luxurious under-floor heating in the on-site shower block.

From the glorious chill autumn bursts of Lake and mountain colour.  And the biting November breezes as they swept across the lake waters.  To the soothing warmth of a radiator-fuelled Pod as we crept back in the late evening hours.

Creative colour of the feathered kind

From the beauty of the ‘Sentinels’, the Lake District’s most photographed trees and the craggy peaks of the surrounding hills.  To the morning wake up call of colourful cockerels and hens reminding us about breakfast.Creative colour of the feathered kind

From Beatrix Potter’s love of The Lakes’ unspoilt beauty, and her characterisation of some of her favourite animals in her famous children’s books.  To the friendly face of a Hardwick sheep feeding around our Pod.


The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of  ‘glamping’ is: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

My definition of glamping is ‘creative camping’.  It’s camping first-class.  It’s camping ‘with a twist’.  It’s camping with a roof.  It’s camping ‘a la mode’.  Whatever it is, whether it’s camping pods, yurts, gypsy caravans or shepherd’s huts, or campervans, glamping has got ‘creative camping’ stamped all over it.

And if you’re already a camper, campervanner or glamper, take a look at these 100 Things To Do in England.  Everything that’s a must-see in England is mentioned in this one list!

Hanging around in creative mode