Fry’s English Delight

Really enjoying listening to the latest series of Stephen Fry’s English Delight on Radio 4, Wednesday mornings at 9am.

He explores the highways and byways of the English language and has a knack of  making certain things ‘fascinating’ which maybe we wouldn’t normally consider ‘fascinating’.

So far he’s talked about the ‘Qwerty’ keyboard, ‘do men and women really use language differently?’, and how, when we sometimes say ‘no’ we really mean ‘yes’, i.e. the art of contradiction.

It just makes me realise that, although we speak English everyday, how much of what we say, and how we say it, do we take for granted.

As a copywriter and web content writer I think about the English Language ‘words’ everyday and how best to put them together.  Stephen Fry takes it to a completely different level.

Don’t miss next week’s programme – what will English be like in 200 years time?

Brexit is Dead

I will re-post this daily, & as Arron Banks says, "public opinion is like concrete, once it sets you can't shift it".

Please feel free to share the same message & see how much concrete we can produce :).

#RejectBrexit #StopBrexit #BrexitisDead

Brexit means less sovereignty.

▪️A weak pound will allow foreign investors to pick off UK assets.

▪️WTO tariffs will make UK exports uncompetitive.

▪️Foreign corporations able to sue the UK Government.

▪️UK passport will have less power due to diminished freedom of movement.

Everyone needs constantly reminding that after 9 years of a Tory Government:

Child poverty + 50%
Food-bank use + 1,000%
Homelessness + 170%
NHS waiting list + 70%
Police numbers - 20%
Crime + 30%
Local gov funding - 50%
Public sector pay - 15%

Never forget how cruel they are.

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