Freelance writing – the ‘thinking’ element

Welcome to my newlook blog!  I’m using my blog for a random selection on all things related to my freelance work. Topics related to freelance working, copywriting, web content writing, marketing, tourism, and, most inspiring for me, all things creative.

I thought I’d start by focusing on the ‘thinking’ part of a creative project. How sometimes this  most valuable and significant part of the ‘creative writing process’ is often overshadowed by the ‘end product’. Any kind of writing involves an initial thinking, planning and ideas stage which, when thought through carefully, helps the writing juices flow freely for the rest of the project

A professional quote for ‘writing’ should reflect this and I’m always appreciative when clients take this on board.

NEW: Electoral Commission says Brexit Party must confirm identity of donors..or return cash. Big big problem for Farage because they literally didn’t ask for donor ID or location

So this is not scientific at all. But in a couple of hours there have been more than 2000 replies and overwhelmingly they say @RoryStewartUK won the #C4Debate

What a cosy night in Dolly the Caddy Camper @bridgevilla campsite on the riverside @wallingford...friendly visitors and glorious riverside trees 🌲 🦆#treehugging #trees #vanlife #campervan #vwcamper

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