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Britain used to be a moderate, good-natured, and fundamentally calm country, which celebrated its practical judgment and resistance to utopianism. Three years of culture war have basically driven it insane https://t.co/bE7AcqMWDT

Brutal and brilliant analysis of @borisjohnson by someone who knows him well ... “Almost the only people who think Johnson a nice guy are those who do not know him.” https://t.co/o6jo6F6CpY

Today "Our Trees" - a docu-drama about the awesome Sheffield Tree campaigners & their fight to save Sheffield's trees - aired on @BBCRadio4. 'Heartwood', a poem I wrote in protection of the trees, was part of it.
The poem's below––& the programme's here: https://t.co/LKWF0cutf7 https://t.co/DII2bACQ7C

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