Creativity with colour and chakras

I went to the Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham last weekend and loved it.  And I was surrounded by creativity.  Thank you fellow Nia teacher, Vicky Rainbow, for suggesting it and also to her friend Gillian – you were lovely company.

I explored and discovered so many new things that were full of creativity including Kundalini Meditation, Shakti Dance – the Yoga of Dance, beautiful music from Elyse Rogers, Dru Yoga, ChiBall Fitness, and a purist of pure Rosehip Oil from Mount Purious.

The seven main chakras

And yet I was most mesmerised by a stall called Chakra Jewellery and Silks.  It wasn’t just the beautiful colourful silks designed and created by stallholder Sophie that kept my eye and energy coming back.  Or the delicate and unusual chakra stone jewellery.  It was – to put it simply – the amazing energy coming from the colours themselves.

We had touched on chakras in our Nia White Belt Training.  And yet this was something else.

I love colour and I need colour in my life at all times.  So imagine my excitement to learn that each one of our seven main chakras – specific energy fields that relate to different parts of our body – has a corresponding energy field colour.  Red for base, Orange for sacral, Yellow for solar plexus, Green for heart, Turquoise blue for throat, Indigo Blue for third eye, and Violet Purple for the crown.

A creative rainbow of colours

Chakra energies

The seven chakras and where they are found.

Oh joy!  A creative rainbow of colours that’s vibrating around us at all times.  And from which we can tap into our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings  to  bring healing, balance, joy, health and creativity into our lives.

And what possibilities!  I’m starting small with a delicate Tumblestone Chakra bracelet that reminds me of each colour and its associated crystal.  But what next?……

One thing’s for sure.  Now I understand why I surrounded myself with so much orange when I was a teenager.  It was my orange sacral chakra at play – encouraging me to experiment, create, express and explore. Wonderful!!



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