Overcoming writer’s block

Do you suffer from writer’s block? I do.  I suffer from writer’s block frequently. Particularly when there are lots of things happening in my life and my brain is on information overload. Creating downtime, practising meditation, tai chi, and yoga, and walking, are all things I aim to build into my days to help empty […]

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Things that make me smile…

In my last post I made a list of things that I would do as a focus for my ‘writing plan’, and to keep me on track for ‘being creative’.  One of those things is to write a post every 2 weeks about the things that make me smile.  It’s been a busy month, and […]

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Writing my way home

Last year I took Jeff Brown’s ‘Writing your Way Home’ course.  It was an online course over 6 weeks. Due to other commitments at the time I just about managed to cover the one hour long audio session each week.  And I wrote one or two pieces  a week that I submitted to our online […]

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The government are spending over £2 billion on emergency funding for a no-deal Brexit. For that sum of money, every single nurse in the UK could get a 10% pay rise.

Put that on a bus.

To those downplaying the Boris hospital incident. My girlfriend is an NHS midwife

She comes home traumatised by the chaos she encounters

- lack of equipment/staff
- newly qualified staff unsupervised

“I’m scared people will die”

That’s on you @BorisJohnson and @Conservatives

My Dad, regular man from Bolton, in 18 years of living at home never once mentioned the EU, not once ever, but now we cant even have a conversation with out him being absolutely and utterly convinced they are to blame for his difficult life. The success of the con is incredible.

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