Copywriting For Print

‘Writing for print’ is different from ‘writing for web’.

It’s just as important to know who you’re writing for. Writing for web is all about keeping a reader interested enough to stay on a site and take the next step, whereas copywriting for print can take many different forms with many different purposes. I have written copy for promotional publications, conference brochures, advertorials, direct mail, business-to-business brochures, sales letters and invitations.

Marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, flyers, and other printed marketing materials provide information about your company that customers can take away, refer back to, and write notes on. You know what you want to say, but sometimes it’s helpful if someone else puts your ideas down on paper for you, and that’s where I come in.   Sarah has over 20 years of copywriting and editing experience, writing engaging copy for brochures and printed marketing, mainly within the tourism industry.

Copyediting & proofreading

Do you need an expert eye to look over your copy for print? Depending on your needs, I can check and edit your copy online or offline, or just proofread it for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. It often takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot errors, inconsistencies, or strange phrases – in fact, this is the most important part of the copywriting process.

Examples of my Copywriting For Print

Writing case studies for Visit London

Sarah focuses her creativity on: writing for the web, online marketing and e-communications; and brings writing flair, enthusiasm and resourcefulness to Blue Sail projects. Amanda Shepherd | Blue Sail

In partnership with Blue Sail, I was contracted to write a series of ‘local tourism marketing case studies’ for use by Marketing Officers within the London Boroughs.  These case studies would give them help and guidance for attracting more visitors to their London destinations.

The work involved interviewing tourism officers from some of the Boroughs, collating and writing up the research, and working with Blue Sail to achieve final drafts.

Writing ‘Beginner’s Guides’ for London tourism officers

Sarah is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Amanda Shepherd | Blue Sail

In partnership with Blue Sail, I wrote a series of ‘Beginners’ guides for all London Borough tourism and development offices.  Topics included:

  • A beginner’s guide to websites
  • A beginner’s guide to social media
  • A beginner’s guide to proactive media work
  • A beginner’s guide to marketing evaluation
  • A beginner’s guide to customer relationship marketing

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