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It’s been a huge year of change for me.  And it’s still happening.

I reached my 10 year goal of workingsarah-gibbs-coul-3 freelance.  I put my house on the market and sold it.  I’m re-locating back down to the sunny south coast, but haven’t quite got there yet.  My wonderful son and his beautiful fiancee got married.  I reached a scary age.  I became a Blue Belt Nia teacher.  I sold more Fish Art paintings.

Change happens to all of us all the time, it’s part of life.  And yet I’ve found it a challenge this year to adapt to so many changes and to continue on my path of balance, creativity and freelance working.

And then I reminded myself of my branding.  And it all made sense. And created comfort.

I reminded myself that, in my online Profile I equate my freelance career as being like a tree – with my journey branching off in all different directions.  2016 has certainly been challenging, at least with the ‘branching off’ and ‘directions’.

So the moral of this story?  Choose your business branding well.  Go back to it often. Don’t forget it.  And make sure it is a reflection of you and your business.

So. Have I been as creative in my freelance working as previously with all these changes going on?  Well yes, I have.  I may not be sitting at my ‘freelance’ desk as much as before.  But this is a positive choice.  And I’m still ‘branching’, and I’m still ‘growing’, and one of my ‘branches’ is being particularly creative.

And I’m calling it my ‘blogging’ branch.

Brexit is Dead

I will re-post this daily, & as Arron Banks says, "public opinion is like concrete, once it sets you can't shift it".

Please feel free to share the same message & see how much concrete we can produce :).

#RejectBrexit #StopBrexit #BrexitisDead

Brexit means less sovereignty.

▪️A weak pound will allow foreign investors to pick off UK assets.

▪️WTO tariffs will make UK exports uncompetitive.

▪️Foreign corporations able to sue the UK Government.

▪️UK passport will have less power due to diminished freedom of movement.

Everyone needs constantly reminding that after 9 years of a Tory Government:

Child poverty + 50%
Food-bank use + 1,000%
Homelessness + 170%
NHS waiting list + 70%
Police numbers - 20%
Crime + 30%
Local gov funding - 50%
Public sector pay - 15%

Never forget how cruel they are.

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