Campervan adventures with Dolly

Campervan adventures with Dolly is the newest venture of my freelance tree. Dolly is a white VW Caddy Camper, converted to absolute perfection. Her mini home interior looks just like a dolls house, hence her name. Dolly and I intend to have many campervan adventures together, starting with the beautiful UK then venturing into Europe.

love how @HackedOffHugh is being condemned for being a "champagne socialist," what's even wrong with that lol he's world famous & rich, he's gonna be fine whatever happens, and yet he chooses to spend his Christmas campaigning out in the cold for a better country, what a bastard

For those who say that the EU won't take away our rights after Brexit, you are correct. It is us who will have left the club. We will be depriving ourselves of EU rights. This is our choice. Our self-harm. Our self-deception. And the young will never ever forgive it.

Hugh Grant - If we get a Tory majority then we get a catastrophic #nodealbrexit... the Tories are "bad people" & they have "to be stopped." 👍

#GE2019 #ToriesOutDecember2019 #BBCR4today

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