‘All things creative’ is risen again

I have been inspired by a great new contact – Linda Wild www.lindawildideas.co.uk – to get going again with my blog ‘All things creative’.

Linda initially picked up my contact details from my NIA dance flyer at Alrewas village hall and made contact online.  We finally met a few weeks ago when I was doing a James Gibbs Fish Art stall at the Lichfield Festival, when Linda came along and found me – and it was great to meet up in person.  I particularly like Linda’s blog posts because of her: choice of topics, her way of writing, her honesty, belief in herself and her work, and ….. the regularity of the posts.

So … many thanks Linda …. ‘All things creative’ has risen again, with the hope that I can maintain a regularity and rhythm of posts in the same way that you do!

It’s certainly been a ‘creative’ year for me since my last blog post in January.

  • I’ve created a new home in the Midlands
  • Creativity,  joy and passion are all around in a new relationship that takes me part of the week back to my roots, family and friends in creative city by the sea Brighton & Hove as well as exploring lots of new places in the UK
  • I’m still working in the wonderful creative surroundings of the dance world at Deda in Derby
  • I’m ‘back on track’ helping to promote my cousin James’s creatively colourful Fish Art
  • it looks like I will be starting the creative process of updating the fifth edition of the official Gibbs Family Pedigree in September
  • I have been keeping up with my writing offering
  • And, with passion and creativity, I am starting up my Nia dance classes again in September in Winshill, just outside Burton on Trent.

Way back when, when I started my blog a few years ago, I was wondering what to call it.   And, it’s with a light and happy heart that the name ‘All things Creative’ is still spot on.

Is being able to be creative in life important for you too?

Back with another post next week ….. thanks again Linda for your creativity and inspiration.

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