My journey of creativity started when I joined the marketing team at VisitBrighton and discovered a love of all things design & print, as well as the joy of ‘words’. Here I spent over 10 years as web editor and, in 2004, became manager of Creative Projects.

Sarah has been a freelance web content writer and copywriter since 2006, with early projects including writing and editing the new VisitBrighton website.  I equate my freelance career as being like a tree – with my journey branching off in all different directions, including:

  • continuing with my love of ‘words’ as a web content copywriter
  • promoting wonderful creative art with James Gibbs Fish Art
  • embracing campervan travel and adventure in my very own, newly acquired and converted, VW Caddy Campervan

I blog about ‘All Things Creative’, as well as some of the writing projects I work on, my freelance journey, and my campervan experiences and adventures.  Follow my blog for regular postings and news.

How can I help you?

Contact me for help with any aspect of your web content writing and blog writing requirements.

So this is not scientific at all. But in a couple of hours there have been more than 2000 replies and overwhelmingly they say @RoryStewartUK won the #C4Debate

What a cosy night in Dolly the Caddy Camper @bridgevilla campsite on the riverside @wallingford...friendly visitors and glorious riverside trees 🌲 🦆#treehugging #trees #vanlife #campervan #vwcamper


.@RoryStewartUK again absolutely kills the others by actually sounding as though he is fallible. Whether it is sincere or a performance it is working. @sajidjavid also sounds human by talking about getting things wrong as a dad #c4debate

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